See your own sites by ranking!

FC2 Ranking


With Entry Page Analyzer, see where visitors come from!

Paste an analyzer tag, then you will know where viewers come from.
You will see by ranking what kind of pages visitors were viewing before they
come to your page, and how they move on your site.

See which pages are viewed often with Popular Page Analyzer!

Paste an analyzer tag, then you will know which page has the most accesses.
This shows you why viewers visit your pages.
You will be able to enrich the popular contents and attract more people
by showing the ranking to viewers.

Paste an Exit Page Analyzer tag and see
where visitors leave for!

The link on a page where an analyzer tag is pasted tells you where viewers
go to. You will be able to know what interests viewers who visit your sites.

Show the neat ranking by URL replacement!

Use your favorite words instead of showing URL.
For example, doesn't "FC2 Ranking" look much neater than ""?
You can simply write "Blog" instead of showing your blog URL. Short and easy names make viewers click on them.

Exclude specific URL and just show proper information!

Accesses from specified URL can be excluded.
This function is useful when you just want to show the number of accesses
from other sites, not within your pages. Wild card is available, so all you do is
just add "*" at the end of your site URL, then all the pages which contain that
URL will be excluded from ranking. Good as anti-spam measure too.

Use them in your blog and show it to visitors!

Blog and site parts are available.
Letters, backgrounds, line colors, part width can be customized as you like and they fit for any type of page.
Of course you can use them both for a blog and for a site.

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